Teen Online Driving School 310-800-2169 DMV Certified Covering All Of California and The United States

Thank you for contacting us. To begin your Online Drivers Course  Please call or text 310-800-2169. If you are looking for Behind The Wheel Services Please call or Text to see if we service your area. We services all areas for ONLINE DRIVERS EDUCATION and are certified and licensed. Dmv Certificates are issued to students who complete there course for use at  DMV/and or Court agencies that may require them. (Cert Fees May Apply)
** ** 1) Complete a online drivers ed course from an approved and licensed driving school. **(CALL US TODAY TO GET YOUR Online Drivers Ed Link, Username and Password to Begin!! 310-800-2169)** 2) Receive your Pink Certificate from your driving school and make sure the school has enrolled you in a Six hour behind the wheel course as this is required before driving with a Permit. 3) Make sure you have reached age 15 1-2 or older. 4) Contact DMV at 800-777-0133 or dmv.ca.gov and make an appointment for your written exam. 5) When you go to DMV, make sure you have Your Passport or Birth Certificate And Social Security Card 6) There will be a fee you pay at DMV on this day ranging from $30.00 -$40.00 7) Keep in mind, you will also do a fingerprinting this day, a picture for your future license, and an eye exam. Be Prepared for all! 8) Take your written exam and PASS!! If you do not pass for any reason at all, not to worry, you can always retake it until you pass. 9) Once you pass your written exam, call your driving school and set up your First Behind The Wheel In Car Session! 9) Please remember you are not allowed to drive with a parent/guardian or anyone until you have done your FIRST driving session with your driving school certified instructor. What Happens After I receive My Permit and How Do I Get My Actual License ? 1) Congratulations! You have gotten your permit. Now call your driving school and set up your 1st behind the wheel course. 2) Once you have done your first class, your driving instructor will sign the second page of your permit, which will then make your Permit VALID and you can start practicing with a parent or guardian. 3) You must complete 40 hours daytime and 10 hours nigh time over your SIX MONTH WAITING PERIOD with your permit. 4) You must also make sure you complete all your required sessions with your driving school during that six month period. 5) Once you complete your final class with your instructor, you will receive YOUR GOLDEN TICKET to get your license! Yes! That's right. Your instructor will give you a Yellow Certificate. With this Certificate and your Six month old permit, you can go get your License. 6) Call DMV 800-777-0133 or LogOnline: www.Dmv.Ca.Gov and Set your ROAD TEST. 7) Pass Your Road Test. 8) And now that you are a licensed driver Enjoy your life on the road and always DRIVE SAFE!